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The Bean Pie and the Navy Bean:
Peace to all! I am sure many of you wondered to yourselves how awful a pie made with beans must taste. Many of you I’m sure have avoided the task of trying one. But, to the surprise of many (and yourself included), once you try one you will never look at the greatest pie in the universe the same, ever again! Aside from its delicious taste, let me tell you something about The Bean Pie and its main ingredient, the navy bean.
The navy bean is the most powerful bean we can eat. Here are a few nutritional facts about the extraordinary navy bean that you may want to consider. These facts will explain the reasons why the navy bean is beneficial to your health and why you should consider this amazing bean a part of your daily lifestyle.

The navy bean can replace meats and poultry in ones’ diet. Also since sodium retains water, you will eat less because of its sodium content. If you exercise you will shed the “water weight” and gain muscle. We at Your Shabazz Bakery and More advise you to stay away from those half-baked, white sugar laced, overly sweet Slurpee’s that can be eaten with a spoon and sipped like soup bean pies because they are not done! Bean pies made with eggs not thoroughly cooked and stored at room temperature are like asking for the biggest gut blasters known to man! We at Your Shabazz Bakery and More take pride in offering our customers a quality pie with fewer fats and no artificial ingredients you will enjoy. We also offer vegetarian pies, cheese cake pies and much more for your eating pleasure.
We look forward to serving our community and wish you all Peace!

Peace to All
Your Shabazz Bakery and More



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