Bob Herbert, a senior fellow at ‘Demos’, which is a progressive research and policy center here in New York, says “If you want a future: Vote!”

I for one, with my limited understanding of politics and elections, and that sort of thing, have thought since doing the knowledge to politics and elections that it all starts in the community.  You know, with people like your councilman and borough president.

Mr. Herbert confirms that for me.  He says in a DC37 Union paper, “They need to vote…in every election.  They need to turn out in off-year elections for Congress, and in elections for state legislators and governors, and for mayors and council people, and for school board members, and on and on.” The dead nation must begin to seek its own representatives from those they know, like and trust from within their own communities.  That is one way for the dead nation to achieve freedom, justice and equality.

Let me say right away, that Mr. Herbert didn’t speak to only so-called Black Americans when he wrote his editorial.  He spoke to all Americans who will listen to his words of wisdom.  I’m outfitting it for the poor Black people who live in the hells of the wilderness of North America and who have not the knowledge of themselves or their enemy or anyone or anything else for that matter.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad said “Beware of the national elections, my black brothers and sisters.  There is no salvation in them for you-only false promises.” I think We may not take part in these national elections but should partake in the local ones, right on every Malcolm X or Martin Luther street and boulevard where We are.  The Minister Louis Farrakhan just warned us of the deceitfulness of the weak bone, weak blood Hillary Clinton.  She’s lying to us.  She’s not going to do a god damn thing about police brutality or any of the other injustices we suffer in our communities.  She wants your vote only.  She will dismiss you later after she gets it (just like all the others-false promises), and could even make your yoke and burden even harder.

The Honorable Elijah Muhammad asks us to be very serious and careful about electing officials to represent us and we must start doing just that, being serious and careful, starting in the local elections.


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