Credit WHEN credit is due

Recently, I listened to a man preach about character from a sales-training broadcast.  He made points on quality business and business practices of ‘low character’ people.  At first I saw his equality but what he was advancing soon became a rambling to me.  That was because of what I learned about the weak germ.

I remembered something my leader and teacher taught as he spoke; (from his Christian perspective) “As often as you see and hear that the white people are out there killing your people day and night, you should not want to give them any credit if they do anything.” and all I could say to myself about him who is now preaching character on this broadcast to people in our business was, he is making himself a stand up guy, but I wonder what he thinks and feels about those that are hungry, naked and out-of -doors, and beaten and killed by those who would advocate what good character is; will he be silent like most of white America? If he will be silent he has lost all credibility with me.  He can’t tell me much about true character.  He’s a leader in our organization, but he doesn’t have much credibility with me yet.  He hasn’t earned it yet.

In the Holy Qur’an Allah mentions speaking up against what is wrong; Allah says do so by your hands, and if you can’t then do so by your mouth, and you can’t, at least resist it in your heart.  The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad teaches us the white man is by his very nature, meaning deep down in his very heart, he hates the Black Man and is opposed to the Black Man’s freedom, justice and equality, and this would explain most of white America’s silence and resistance of Black lives matter-ing.  I’m looking to bring and present four who can stand on the square and prove The Honorable Elijah Muhammad and me wrong.


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